Following terms & conditions apply to

“Mindelo Apartments”
(hereinafter referred to as the lessor)

And is intended for tenants of the landlord.
Whom agree to these terms and conditions after reservation.

  1. Apartment is the full responsibility of the tenant for the duration of the agreement or booking. Which has agreed with the general terms and conditions and with the payment of the deposit. During the agreement or booking period, no liability can be recovered from the lessor.
  1. The tenant(s) and party must adhere to the regulations and must behave without causing hindrance to other residents or tenants. The lessor expects from the tenant(s) and company a stay and behavior that cannot reasonably be an offense to disturb the peace in the complex.
  1. The tenant is fully liable for all damage caused by the tenant, the tenant’s company or visitors, to property of the landlord or to the complex. If damage is caused, this must be paid by the tenant, by means of the deposit, if this is sufficient. If this deposit does not cover the damage, payment must be made based on a letter from the lessor.
  1. The tenant is not allowed to keep or receive animals in the apartment. The same applies to equipment, tools or similar attributes that may cause any nuisance to other tenants or visitors to the complex. Audio equipment should be used in a fair way, such that the noise outside the apartment is not audible. The landlord advises to respect the peace of fellow residents before 08:00 and after 22:00.
  1. The lessor has the right to enter the apartment at all times for inspection purposes and/or to be able to carry out maintenance work, the lessee will receive prior notice about this.
  1. The tenant, his party and/or visitors are bound by all directions and regulations given by the landlord, which are in accordance with the house rules. Instructions and regulations must be strictly observed, as well as the house rules. Which may arise after assessment by the landlord.
  2.  The apartment must be restored to the condition as found by the tenant, the rented apartment remains the property of the landlord and can in no way be seen or considered as the main residence. The tenant can only use the apartment as accommodation or residence during the rental period. Outside this period, no claim can be made on the rented apartment in any way.
  1. The tenant is obliged to keep the apartment clean and free of waste inside and outside the apartment. The tenant is obliged to deposit waste in the appropriate containers or to hand it over to the interior cleaner. All disturbances such as; vermin, fungus, odor nuisance, etc. will be recovered from the landlord. Any situation that reduces the aesthetic value of the apartment, which may lead to loss of income, will be recovered from the tenant.
  2. The tenant and in general every visitor to the apartment must comply with the laws and regulations that Cape Verde uses. In case of violation of the prescribed laws and regulations, the lessor will take appropriate measures. See art. 7.
  1. The lessor is not liable for damage and/or (medical) accidents as a result of participation in activities, excursions or other activities. The activities, sights, excursions and other activities offered by the lessor are at your own responsibility.
  2. Tenant must be at least 21 years or older. If the tenant is not the actual tenant of the apartment, there must have been a letter or communication about this in advance. The lessor determines whether the rental can take place on the basis of mutually agreed agreements.
  3. The lessor has the right at all times to temporarily put installations and/or facilities for maintenance work or repair work out of operation. The tenant will receive prior notice about this. The tenant cannot claim the right to a full or partial refund of the rent paid or to be paid during this period. However, the fairness of the rental period and the duration of work will be considered.
  4. The lessor reserves the right to make changes to the prices, facilities calculated by the lessor and plans made or published by the lessee. The agreed rental agreement will be complied with in accordance with regulations and guidelines. After the rental period, these regulations and guidelines can be adjusted without having to inform the tenant about this. These adjustments will be included in the rental agreement.
  5. Incorrectly passing on details of the tenant can lead to immediate cancellation of the rental agreement or booking. The lessor will check the details beforehand for correctness and ensure that the booking details correspond to the actual tenant. Provided that explicit agreements have been made about this. See art. 12.
  6. The tenants must check in between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m., this takes place in or at the apartment. The key handover takes place in the apartment and there will be an immediate recording of the inventory and meter readings. As well as the installation of hardware products, such as; air conditioning, television, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, bluetooth speaker, etc. be reviewed.
  7. The tenants must check out between 09:00 and 11:00, this takes place in the apartment. The key handover takes place in the apartment and there will be an immediate recording of the inventory and meter readings. The state of all facility matters and the workability of all hardware will be checked. If the landlord does not adhere to the set check-out times, additional financial consequences may be attached.
  1. We ask the tenant to use the air conditioning and ventilation systems economically and to take them into account. Electricity and water supply are scarce in Cape Verde, we hope for your understanding.
  1. Cleaning products and other household materials can be found in the storage area, such as an iron, vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloths, etc. These materials and materials remain the property of the lessor. These are available for the tenant to borrow during the rental period. The lessor expects the lessee to use the materials and resources with care.
  2. Lessor allows visual exploitation, such as photos and film material. If the lessor itself is also allowed to use the image material and no copyrights have been derived for this. Landlord wishes to be informed upon publication.
    The lessor can periodically use the published expressions for its own commercial purposes.
  3. Landlord greatly appreciates the opinion and wishes of tenants, we will periodically conduct surveys to optimize satisfaction. We will personally approach you for this purchase.
  4. The landlord will strictly comply with privacy legislation and will keep your data discreet and secure at all times. We only use your data for verification before your stay and for no other purpose, provided that a written approval has been received.

Phone numbers in case of emergency

Landlord:                                +2389956384

Fire Department:                     131

Police:                                      132

Policia Judiciaria:                      800 11 34

Hospital “Baptista de Sousa”:   232 73 55

Medical Center:                         231 85 15

Medical Center, Urgimed:         230 01 70

Electricity:                                  800 11 33