Praça Estrela – São Vicente

Today’s destination and one of the most dynamic places on the island, Praça Estrela.
Literally translated as “Square Star” is the place to be for buying delicious fruits, vegetables, herbs and souvenirs.

With a wide range of diversity of people and vendors working for their living, you can find and buy alot!
Visiting Praça Estrela gives a good impression of the way of living, and costums of the local people.

The ‘Square’ contains an amazing and energetic atmosphere. With several stalls with all kinds of cultural clothing and souvenirs. The area is very cozy and historical. 
Across the square you’ll find several images, made of tiles where they depict the history of Cape Verde. If you are interested about Cape Verdean history, there are some great historical excursions!

Praça Estrela is also one of the favorite places of my daughter Beau-Ann, she really loves it and always returns home with her hair braided.
While being braided, she enjoys a fresh made cocosnut. They prepare it for you on the spot, adding a straw.
Time to enjoy!

Praça Estrela, a great place to visit